We offer high risk merchant account solutions that are cost effective and stable for the long haul. Our expertise is 2nd to none in the high risk merchant accounts services industry.  When it comes to shopping for the right solutions for your high risk business, we can make it as easy as one stop for you !   Why put in dozens of applications when we can pre-qualify you for specific high risk merchant account solutions geared to your requirements that can increase your bottom line in just one phone call ! Contact our High Risk Merchant Services department now for a free, no obligation bank card and eCheck consultation today !

We Offer High Risk Merchant Account Credit Card Processing and High Risk Payment Processing

Have you been turned down by other credit card processors?

Were you told that your business type is considered ” High Risk ” ? No worries, we can help you apply for a high risk merchant account that is affordable and can be used with your particular business type. And in some cases it may be determined that you are not a high risk merchant simply because you called the wrong payment processor that isn’t familiar with how you operate your business and hasn’t taken the time to properly interview you to find out about how you operate your business. 

We specialize in providing custom payment processing solutions for E commerce as well as Brick & Mortar ” business’s that require a high risk merchant accounts in order to accept payments via credit cards or checks.

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Why is your business type considered High Risk ?

One reason is if your business accepts credit cards over the telephone for orders, credit card orders by USPS mail or any credit card transaction that requires the customers credit card number to be given without their card being physically present at the point of sale such as keyed in to a terminal rather than swiped – you can be considered high risk.

Other reasons for being considered high risk can be attributed to your business type. For example: If you are selling cruises that are not going to be fulfilled for 6 months or more, the credit card processor will have an increased exposure to charge back’s if for any reason the cruise can not take place such as an a cancellation due to bad weather or mechanical failure. And in the cruise and travel industry it is a common occurrence for customers/travelers to cancel because of health issues or family emergencies and in some cases they have not purchased a ” cancellation insurance ” or do not want to incur a cancellation fee from the cruise line or travel agency so quite often they simply find an excuse to charge-back.

This can apply to many other business types as well where the consumer may have purchased a digital product and simply charges back once they have obtained their download.

Many other factors can influence whether your business type is going to be considered high risk but almost all high risk business types can be approved through one of our high risk merchant account solutions.

High Risk Merchant Account Pharmacy Online Pharma Nutraceuticals
Pharmacy Online Pharma Nutraceuticals

Why does is cost more for a high risk merchant account than a low risk merchant account ?

* In some cases it doesn’t cost that much more – in other cases it does – this all depends on how your business type is viewed by different payment processors. Certain payment processors have an appetite for specific business types and if your business type is not on their acceptable business types list, you may be told that you are high risk when in reality you may not be. We offer a free no obligation telephone consultation to determine where your business type can be placed at the lowest possible rate – No Catch – No Kidding !

High Risk Merchant Account Sports Predictions / Sports Betting
Sports Predictions / Sports Betting

How do you know that you are dealing with the best high risk payment processor ?

We are here to consult and answer any questions or concerns that you may have when it comes to how a high risk merchant account works, what the cost of a high risk merchant account really is and what the rates and fees of a high risk merchant account are. Use the contact form on the right to request a free no obligation high risk merchant account evaluation for your business type.

Why do some high risk merchant accounts require a reserve or a rolling reserve ?

* Most high risk merchant accounts DO NOT require a rolling reserve simply because they are high risk. Only certain types of merchants will be asked for a reserve and those are mostly ” Continuity ” merchants that operate as free trial and re-billing offers, travel and membership merchants that sell out 6 months or more in advance, thus incur a higher chargeback ratio than most other high risk merchants.

Acceptable High Risk Business Types

* If you don’t see your business type listed below just ask – we can do it ! *

  • Adult Dating Sites
  • Airlines
  • Airplane Charters
  • Annual Subscriptions
  • Antiques
  • Auctions Online
  • Auto Transport Brokers
  • Biz Opps (Business opportunities)
  • Calling Cards | Prepaid Cards
  • Casino Online
  • CBD * Oils * Salves * Topical / Ingested * Other
  • Coins & Bullion Dealers
  • Collection agencies
  • Continuity | Rebilling
  • Coupons or rewards-points program
  • Credit or debt repair
  • Credit counseling
  • Credit protection
  • Debt Collections | Collection Agencies
  • Drug Paraphernalia (glass pipes vaporizers)
  • E cigarettes – Electronic Cigarettes E juice
  • Electronics
  • Emotional Content
  • Extended Warranty
  • Fantasy Sports Betting
  • Federal Firearms  Gun Dealers
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Furniture Stores
  • High Ticket | High Volume
  • Horoscopes | Psychic Services
  • Investment Strategy | Coaching
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Magazine Sales | Subscriptions
  • Mail Order
  • Membership Payments
  • Multi level Marketing
  • Nutraceutical
  • Pawn & Loan shops
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Inbound Telemarketing
  • SEO SEM Services
  • Sports Forecasting | Sports Predictions
  • Talent Agencies
  • Telecom VOIP
  • Telephone Sales – MOTO
  • Terminated Merchant File TMF
  • Ticket brokers
  • Timeshare Advertising
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies
  • Travel clubs Membership
  • Trial Offer | Continuity
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Vitamins | Supplements
  • VOIP Re-sellers

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